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MLM Business Connected with the World of Social Media using our 3D™ Social Media Engine for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and more

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We are strong believers in the power of software and technology as tools for social change.Through our Social Impact Program, we collaborate with organizations with a humanitarian mission and broad reach, helping them use technology to make an impact.





Interactive Genealogy View

NETSOFT™ readily provides Genealogy view of the network to visualize the members position. For Genealogy Netsoft uses the rich chart elements.

Ample Wallet Management

E-Wallet make sure safe and risk free MLM Business. Netsoft MLM Software provides an E-Wallet system with high end features that can ease your MLM Business.

Shopping Cart Agnostic

WooCommerce is the shopping cart solution used in Netsoft. WooCommerce comes packed with a number of features, you need to start a Store.

120+ Merchant Solution Support

Netsoft gives you the freedom to choose the right payment gateway & Get started within minutes.

Enhanced Secured 2FA™

World’ most advanced MLM Software is now the Most Secured on Cybersecurity with 2FA™ Technology.

Customer Support

With NETSOFT™ MLM Software your Direct selling or Network marketing business will truly have international support, whereby members can join from different regions and countries.

How netsoft works?

  • 1

    We engage on a 14 days ‘Launch Plan’ for your business.

  • 2

    Confirm project scope, compensation plan, modules, integration tools and design assets.

  • 3

    Upon confirmation, we start software issuance, configuration and integrations as per project scope.

  • 4

    We allocate a full agile project team to deliver.

  • 5

    We build, test and deliver the final software based on your business model configuration.

  • 6

    We support and host your product on-demand. If not, install that in your server with license key.

How you benefit?

Hybrid engine enable multiple MLM strategies

Exclusive lending platform

Internationalize your business with multi-language and currency support

Trading and exchange platform

Crypto wallet management

BITFIN rewards distributors promoting blockchain and financial services

netsoft features

Choose Back-Office Trim

Genealogy View

Tabular view, member up-line/down-line, genealogy view.

Report Console

Advanced reports, analytics, admin earnings,member report, subscription report, export member, rank bonus, bonus achieved, pv, gpv, total commission, member commission.

Member Management

Add member, search member, block member, member management, delete members, upload bulk members, group member, purchase history.

Wallet Management

Virtual money storage, secure and trustworthy, money transfer.

General Settings

Compensation configurations, compensation on/off, registration settings, business summary, site settings, payment/ withdrawal/currency settings, email/sms configuration, language settings.

Export Reports

Export sales by payment gateway/country/rank/members, export members by down-line/group sales.

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